Advancing the health and well-being of residents of the Greater Cincinnati

Center for addiction Research Summer Speaker Series

The Urban Health Pathway of Next Lives Here hosted the 2022 Center for Addiction Research Summer Speaker Series. The series highlighted cutting-edge addiction research and community collaborations related to prevention and treatment, evidence-based strategies, community-based research, and health disparities. We value our academic-community partners and all the innovative work they are doing in the area of addiction science. To learn more about the University of Cincinnati’s Center for Addiction Research, please visit UC CAR.


The Community and Academic Mental Health Collaborative (CAMHC) uses research, funding, education, and advocacy to increase access to behavioral health services and promote development of a community behavioral health workforce that reflects the demographics of the region.
The collaborative includes interdisciplinary researchers, educators, and community partners. If you are interested in learning more, please contact James Pease at

Action summits & symposiums

As a result of the Mental Health Action Summit, a group of interdisciplinary researchers, educators, and community partners are working together to address the pressing issues and challenges in the Greater Cincinnati region. Connecting academic and community together to co-create solutions to the mental health problems is central to advancing health and equity. This opportunity will allow for researchers and community to learn effective strategies to implement research findings and evidence-based practice and shape the health and well-being in the community.

Building the healthcare worker pipeline

Advancing the diversity of the healthcare workforce and having that workforce reflect the people we serve is critical to improving health equity. Introducing a pathway to healthcare starts early. Breakthrough Cincinnati aims to spark interest by introducing various healthcare professions. Please visit Breakthrough Cincinnati to learn more.