Cancer Community Research Advocates

Helping Community Become Research Ready

Cancer Community Research Advocates: Helping Community Become Research Ready

Cincinnati has a large African American population (42%) which for more than two decades now have the highest death rate from all cancers. Cancer research is critical to understanding what causes and prevents cancer, but racial/ethnic minorities are less likely to participate in cancer research studies compared to non-minorities. Equitable participation in research becomes an important tool in the fight against cancer disparities. As the UCCC is seeking to support the reduction of cancer burden and promote health equity across the Greater Cincinnati area, it will need to support efforts to encourage much needed minority participation in clinical and population-based cancer research studies. Building on the Research Ready materials previously created by members of the We Engage for Health Program team, this proposal seeks to create, test, and support a Cancer-Focused Community Research Advocates Program in collaboration with the West End Community Research Advisory Board.

Melinda Butsch-Kovacic
Melinda Butsch-Kovacic

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