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Advancing the health and well-being of residents of the Greater Cincinnati

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The Urban Health Pathway is one of nine pathways of the University of Cincinnati’s strategic direction, Next Lives Here, aimed at leading urban public universities into a new era of innovation, inclusion, and impact. Being the only academic healthcare university and as urban living becomes the predominant influence for most of the world’s population, the health of individuals is impacted at every stage of life by environmental, social, cultural, and economic factors. Like many other cities, the Greater Cincinnati region is faced with many health challenges across its neighborhoods. The Urban Health Pathway focuses on the unique health challenges and conditions in our community to advance health and health equity.


To advance health equity and health of our community in the Greater Cincinnati region.


To facilitate collaboration and community partnerships to co-create health equitable solutions in research, community health engagement, and workforce development to advance the health of our community.


Transform the health of our community in measurable and equitable methods.

Over $17 million external funding proposal submitted in urban health.

14 sponsored research awards totaling over $7 million in million in the areas of community and environmental health, workforce development, mental health, cancer, COVID-19 health literacy, and nutrition.

$13.01 return for every dollar invested in Urban Health Seed Grant Program.

$74k raised in scholarship funds to strengthen the College of Medicine diversity pipeline.

$30k grant received to expand the African-American Healthcare American Sign Language Interpreter Program in the Greater Cincinnati region

8% increase in underrepresented students enrolled in the RN-to-BSN undergraduate program


Engage all people and the contribution of diverse ideas that include interdisciplinary collaboration, community collaboration, and partnerships.

Launched Urban Health website and coordination hub. With over 100 UC urban health experts listed, this hub fosters a network of researchers to build collaborative research funding and community partnerships to advance health equity and the health of our community.

Hosted an interactive Mental Health Action Summit that brought community leaders and service professionals across our community together with faculty, staff, and students to identify critical challenges during the pandemic and determine strategies and solutions that promote mental health equity.

Partnered with AHC Colleges and Breakthrough Cincinnati to implement a pipeline program targeting underrepresented middle and high school students for Summer 2022.

Trained over 50 researchers and UC staff on cognitive diversity and cultural competence as part of CCTST Center for Improvement Science.

Trained CCTST Community Leadership Institute community stakeholders on grant writing.

Drive innovations to advance the health and health equity of our community.

Launched an Academic-Community Mental Health Collaborative with over 25 members to address the mental and behavioral health challenges faced in our community.

Invited UC researcher to speak about cutting-edge research and new treatment for mental health disorders to a group of community stakeholders.

Supported seed grant funding on computerized behavior analysis in community-based PTSD assessment.




Senior Vice President Health Affairs

Dean, College of Medicine
Urban Health Pathway Leader

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Chris Lewis, MD

Chris Lewis, MD

Vice Provost of Academic Programs



External funding proposals submitted that pertain to health equity, workforce diversity, and cultural competence


Return for every dollar invested in Urban Health Seed Grant Program.

24% ^

Increase in community based research partnerships.


Raised in scholarship funds to strengthen the College of Medicine diversity pipeline


Launched Community and Academic Mental Health Collaborative.


Launched the Urban Health Pathway and website.

Community Partners and External Organizations

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Our work is driven by curiosity and fueled by knowledge to discover the new and next – challenging existing practices and paradigms and discovering the unknown. The Urban Health Pathway drives innovations to advance the health and health equity of our community.

Collaborate with the Academic Health Center colleges to improve diversity & cultural competence.

Expand academic-community partnerships to improve health equity in our community.

Enhance partnerships within the Cincinnati Innovation District.

Grow interdisciplinary partnerships in the Center for Addiction Research.

Invest in student-led public health research projects.